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Paul Kuntz of Wheatland Financial has created a workshop to teach you how to understand your Farm Financial statements. Your accountant understands them, your bank understands them, now it's time for you to understand them!

Course Description:

Gain a basic understanding of how to analyze farm financial statements and then utilize the information to make better management decisions. 

Topics Include:

Record Keeping

Gain an understanding of where to begin.

Financial Statements

Introduction to financial statements and ratios, and how to use each.

Management Decisions

Learn about types of management decisions that can be supported through analysis of farm statements.


Measure the performance of your farm and set future goals. 

Workshop Testimonials

"Should have done this years ago! I learned a lot, very applicable to our farming operation and exceeded my expectations. Good conversations as well." 


"The training was good and easy to follow. I would have loved to attend this course 5 or 6 years ago instead of learning all these things the hard way!"


Ready to Book?

Workshop's are available upon request. 

Pricing is $500/person. 

Workshop's include a lunch and run from 10am-4pm. 

Contact us today to get more information about the workshop and get your questions answered. 


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